ithacoramaNews is a sub-site of itacorama.com the bigest tourism web-portal of Ihaca island.

ithacoramanews is a photo-blog news website updating frequently with all the latest events and hapeings of Ithaca but also with small photography outgoings of its members.

The purpose of this site to keep a live archive of Ithaca’s hapenings with the bigest photography collection.

Help, improvement tips and  your photos are always welcome!

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Authors and Photographers of this website are:

Tilemahos Markantonis and Chrisostomos Tsindilas.

You will also find photos from:

Spiros Tzimas

Giorgos Dellaportas

Anna Leuschner

Cornelia Dumitru

Omiros S. Kostopoulos

Tilemachos Tsindilas

Padelis Katapodis

Spiros Tsindilas

Dimitris Artavanis

Stavros Delaportas

Makis Raptis